Visibility #2


Lack of visibility is one of the main problems facing motorcyclists on the roads.

According to statistics, motorcyclists are much more likely to be involved in road accidents than car drivers, largely because of their poor visibility.



What are the reasons for this lack of visibility?

There are several reasons why motorcyclists may find it difficult to be seen on the road. Firstly, motorbikes are smaller than cars and are therefore less visible from a distance. In addition, car drivers often have difficulty detecting motorbikes in their blind spots and do not always see them when changing lanes or turning.

How can you improve your visibility?

There are a number of things motorcyclists can do to improve their visibility on the road. First of all, they can wear brightly coloured and reflective clothing to be better seen by other drivers. They can also use warning lights and indicators to signal their movements and attract the attention of other drivers.

It is also important that motorcyclists ride carefully and anticipate the movements of other vehicles. This means riding at a reasonable speed and leaving enough space between themselves and other vehicles to be able to react if necessary.



Ultimately, lack of visibility can be a serious problem for motorcyclists, but there are steps motorcyclists can take to improve their visibility and reduce the risk of an accident. If you're a motorcyclist, make sure you take these steps for your own safety and that of other drivers on the road.





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