Visibility #1


Poor visibility, lack of safety and obstacles to good motorcycling: let's take a look at the risks of accidents and the solutions available. 

After the decrease reMarquable number of road deaths and accidents in 2020-21 linked to the health crisis, Road Safety is now recording increases in all indicators since the start of the year.

Why this sinister rise? When do these accidents happen? Let's find out what causes them and how they can be avoided. 

According to Road Safety reports, motorcyclist deaths peak between 4pm and 9pm, when light levels fall. In 2018, for example, night-time traffic accounted for 10% of the total, but 43% of fatalities and a third party of people hospitalised.

But what are the reasons for such high figures?

Two thirds of fatal accidents involving motorcyclists are due to collisions with other road users. When the other user is the cause of the accident, it is due to an error of perception on the part of the motorist. Either it doesn't detect the motorbike - or does so too late - or it overestimates the time available to deal with an approaching motorcyclist.

These errors are exacerbated under the following conditions nocturnal or twilight and in case of high traffic densityThis is particularly true when the environment is made up of lights of varying intensity, whether or not they are visible to road users. 
Driving conditions on the road at night are naturally not as good as during the day. Dazzle, distorted appreciation of safety distances, narrowing of the field of vision... All these factors require different road users to be extra vigilant in order to better co-exist and capture the essential information (i.e. that which is in the field of vision).

The weather, too, is a major factor in deterring motorcyclists from taking to the road, as it is an unavoidable factor in accidents. Rain, snow, fog, thunderstorms, black ice or even sunrise/sunset reflected on the road are all weather changes that can considerably alter the field of vision and disrupt the comfort and visibility of all road users.



Smaller, faster and indistinguishable motorbikes must therefore increase their presence and their visual signature, in order to stand out from the crowd and make their route safer.

At a time when there are more and more users and the need to be visible is at the heart of the issues, motorcyclists have no visual signature to distinguish and protect them. So much so that the CNSR (Conseil National de la Sécurité Routière), which issues recommendations every year to reduce the number of road deaths, specified in November 2020:

"Recent research on the detectability of 2WDs suggests that they should be given a specific visual imprint so that they are more clearly detected by other users of the road."

The committee therefore recommends the adoption of a specific colour to distinguish them from other vehicles, as well as an appropriate arrangement of lights to increase the vehicle's perceived surface area. 

When it comes to motorbike visibility, being seen isn't everything. You need to be seen well, and above all from all sides. Front, rear and side, nothing should be left to chance, both for your own safety and that of others. 

"You need to know that 90% information necessary for good traffic flow and road safety are of the following types visual. This means that if we can't see information, we doesn't know her. And in an environment where accidents are almost always synonymous with serious injury, it is all the more important to prevention before curein other words, to be seen in order to stay alive." - Enzo Boully, Founder of OWNYX 

Often considered too heavy, imposing and connected With dozens of integrated functions and technologies, accessories are also frequently uncomfortable and unsuited to the power of motorbike lights or to road problems (sharp bends, falls...). 



It was with this in mind that Enzo Boully, an engineer with a passion for motorbikes, spent years thinking about creating a brand ofPremium, cutting-edge motorbike equipment that enhances the safety and presence of motorcyclists on the road: OWNYX.

Like a superior force, the brand enables them to tame the darkness and its dangers, giving them the strength, robustness and heightened senses they need to better understand their route. 

OWNYX's committed approach also gives them the chance to feel unique and different, while at the same time feeling part of a genuine community with strong shared values.

Today, the brand reveals its first safety device: the OWNYX MRAwhich meets the need to be visible day and night.

Originally revealed by the goddess of light "Hemera", MRA is a powerful luminous device that allows motorcyclists to signal their presence. presence as their intentions on the road.

Placed on the back of the helmet, this device repeats the motorbike's lights (position lights, brake lights, indicators and hazard lights) at the highest level and widest angle. The aim is to make motorcyclists more visible from the rear and the sides, with information perfectly located in the field of vision of other road users. 

This patented* solution is light, stylish, durable and made-in-France, and is also ultra-fast to install.

Its unique and elegant visual signature enables motorcyclists to reduce the risk of collision by sharing the road more calmly with other road users.

The MRA device is already available for pre-order on the online site with delivery scheduled for November 2023. 

Dear bikers, OWNYX invites you to take care of yourself and above all to make yourself visible in all weathers and at all times. 

Stay tuned, the adventure is just beginning...



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